Off-Season Buys to Save You Money
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Sarita Harbour
Feb 13, 2019

You know that saying, “timing is everything?” Well, when it comes to getting a great deal on your next purchase, it’s true. That’s because some goods and services have a definite “best time to buy”. It’s known as the “off-season.” However, that season varies depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are seven great ways to enjoy some of the best off-season buys out there.

#1. Grab a Winter Sports Gear Deal at the End of February

Snowboards, skis, skates, hockey equipment and snowmobiling - if you’re a winter sports fan you know these are some expensive activities. Grab your winter sports gear at the end of February to enjoy big end-of-season markdowns. And if you’re a summer sports fan as well, mark your calendars for August. That’s  when your summer sporting equipment and gear will get discounted.

#2. Save Money on Tax Filing Software in Late February and Early March

For most of us, filing taxes falls into the “boring but necessary” category. Yet tax filing software is another of those things that has an off-season. Start watching for tax filing software deals in late February and early March.

Start by checking your banking and investment emails and websites.  Your financial institution may offer a time-limited discount if you purchase through their link. However, don’t wait too long. Prices usually rise again a couple of weeks prior to the tax deadline filing date of April 15.

#3. Make the Most of Memorial Day Sales on Mattresses, Housewares and Spring Clothing

Memorial Day weekend heralds the end of spring, and if you’re in the market for a new mattress, do it now. According to CNBC, the mattress industry “blows out” last year’s inventory each MMD weekend, and purchasers benefit from crazy low deals.

Don’t forget to head to your favorite big box home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot during the MMD weekend as well. Last year they offered rock-bottom deals on tools, home reno supplies, housewares, plus 40 % off on appliances during the holiday weekend.

#4. Join a Gym in June

By the time summer rolls around, memories of zealous “get fit” resolutions have faded. Gym visits are down while membership cancellations trickle in. At the same time, fitness buffs head outdoors to exercise in the summer warmth and sunshine. This makes it the perfect time to get a discount on a gym membership.

You might find an even bigger discount if you wait until the end of the month to sign up. That’s when salespeople hustle to meet their monthly sales quota.

#5. Hot Summer Savings on Electronics in July

Lazy beach days aren’t the only great thing about July. Electronics retailers such as Dell, Best Buy, and NewEgg try to combat the lazy hazy days of summer with blowout sales. If you’re hoping to save money on televisions, gaming systems, smart home systems or any other kind of electronic devices, the recent appearance of “Black Friday in July” days could be just what you need.

And watch out for Amazon Prime Day, which offers competitively priced deep discounts on electronics plus many other items.

#6. Buy Back-to-School Stuff After School Has Started!

When it comes to buying back-to-school stuff, it’s okay to be late - in fact, it could be better. Hold off on buying school or home office supplies until after school starts in your area. Retailers mark down leftover notebooks, pens, printer accessories and more at this time to make room for merchandise coming in for the looming heavy holiday buying season.

If you’re an Apple iPhone fan, keep an eye out in mid-to-late September. Apple usually announces new iPhone models during the month, so the current models get discounted.

To make the most of these off-season best buys, practice patience and plan your purchase ahead of time. And remember, you might not get to enjoy it right at the time you purchased it (ice-skating in July, anyone?) Yet the money you could save could help you jump-start your savings, or pay down your debt faster. One word of caution. Don’t buy something just because of the heavy off-season discount. Making a purchase in reaction to a “70 percent off” sign is only a good deal if it’s something you’ll use.

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