Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nathan Chandra
From Music Man to Tech Mogul
Jun 28, 2019

How do you introduce a man who has shared international stages with the likes of Steve Wozniak and Common, and produced music alongside Will.I.AM and 2Pac? Los Angeles native. Musical artist. Silicon Valley mogul. These are just a few ways to accurately describe the notable Nathan Chandra, a true multi-tasking entrepreneur.

Nathan got the entrepreneurial bug early on, starting his solo music career at only fifteen. In high school and college, his time was spent writing music, emceeing, touring, and producing live shows. His successful music career is attested by features on albums that have sold upwards for 2 million copies. 

After college, Nathan found himself looking for an even greater challenge than the music industry, and so he decided to enroll in an MBA program at Pepperdine University, where he collected many of the building blocks to his soon-to-be breakout role in Silicon Valley. From Pepperdine, he made his way to–you guessed it–Silicon Valley, where he launched his first tech company, WeLink, a social data company allowing organizations gather actionable intelligence from billions of social posts.

Ensuing his success in Silicon Valley, Nathan returned to Los Angeles and continued to innovate in the social technology space. He soon launched his first mobile app, RYSE, the “American Idol for mobile” that brings light to emerging musical talent and tasks users with voting for their favorite artists allowing them to “RYSE UP”. 

But Nathan’s tech-entrepreneurship didn’t stop there. In 2017, he co-founded Buttrfly, a blockchain marketplace for brands to scale influencer marketing campaigns. Today, Nathan serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Buttrfly. He also continues to stay rooted in his true passion, music, DJ-ing and emceeing at events and nightclubs. 

“To follow my passion while having a positive impact on the world. To utilize my entrepreneurial spirit, my ability to lead and my strategic thinking to impact, inspire, and motivate others to follow their passion.”

This is the personal mission of music artist turned tech innovator, Nathan Chandra. Follow this mission, and you too could be a true multitasking entrepreneur. 

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