Cogni is your all-access pass to digital banking.

Cogni Features

We make moving money easy

Send money from cogni

Open your account in as little as two minute

That's all it takes to open a Cogni digital banking account. No minimums. No credit checks. Can you spare two minutes?

Digital banking that’s ready when you are

Get approved. Move money into your account. Access it immediately with your digital card. It’s that fast.

Please, don't feed the ATMs

ATM fees are a thing of the past. No matter where you find yourself in the world, all 55,000 Allpoint ATMs are free with Cogni.

A snapshot of your account

Get a complete view of your balance, recent account activity, monthly statements, and card spending—it’s all on the Cogni app.

Introducing Cogni Pay

Covering a friend’s latte? No worries.

With Cogni Pay, they can send money right into your Cogni account. Your funds will be available immediately.

Direct deposit

You work hard for your money. Getting paid shouldn’t be a chore.

Simply set up direct deposit by sharing your account info and routing number with your employer. It’s all there in the Cogni app

We play nicely with other banks

Effortlessly transfer money from other banks into your Cogni account for free. All you need is your account info and routing number.

Deposit money on the go

Headed to Walgreens? 7-Eleven? Safeway?

Deposit money while running errands at thousands of your favorite stores worldwide with Visa ReadyLink. Your funds are made available in as little as 30 minutes.

Move money into your account

Effortlessly spend and send funds

Payback. And this time... it’s immediate.

"Forgetting your wallet" is a thing of the past. So go ahead—let your friend pick up the tab. You can pay them back with Cogni Pay.

So many ways to pay

  • Just got approved? Start spending immediately with your digital card.
  • Making in-store purchases? Your Cogni Visa debit card has you covered.
  • Want extra security or a risk-free free trial? Generate a single-use card.

We love other apps

Cogni is compatible with all your favorite person-to-person payment apps, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

ACH bank transfers

It’s still around for a reason. We support bill pay and bank-to-bank transfers, making moving money from your Cogni account a breeze.

Yes, we still do checks

Need to pay rent the old-fashioned way?

When checks are absolutely necessary, we’ll send one right to your recipient's doorstep.

The smart card

Each single-use digital card you generate has a uniquely reconfigured card number, protecting you from shady sellers and merchant breaches.

"Just-in-case" card protection

Misplaced your card? Freeze and unfreeze it instantly

Checked your pockets and still can’t find it? Report it lost or stolen and dispute any charges in real time using the Cogni app.

Customized alerts

Choose your own push notifications. Stay updated on your balance, confirm transactions, and be alerted of potential fraud 24/7.

256-bit encryption

Your security is our top priority. We’ve got you covered with enterprise-level banking, 256-bit encryption protection.

Coverage up to $250,000

That’s what it means to be FDIC-insured. Your Cogni digital banking account is protected up to a quarter million dollars.

Cogni helps keep you secure

Send money securely using cogni

Request a new feature

Our next feature is... up to you!

Cogni is built with you in mind. Request a feature that would make your digital banking experience even better.